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Return !!

After 15 months in Vancouver I’m finally flying back home and I’m so excited to see all my folks. The time that I had been abroad can be considered as the best part of my life. I tried new things, saw Grizzly Bears, smoked a lot of weed, danced, went to the best shows in my life, laughed, loved, suffered, hiked, camped and met amazing people from all over the world. Some of them are now lifelong friends ! I’m more than grateful that I’ve shared this great expirience with them and all those people and the incredible city of vancouver will always have a special place in my heart !

This goes out to all people who don’t know what to do with their lives. I know how it feels. 15 months ago I was at that point. So pack your stuff together and travel abroad. Get out there, get inspired.
In the words of Jack Kerouac
“Life, Travel, Adventure, Bless and don’t be sorry”

The events of that day were to lead to the discovery of one of the most bizarre crimes in the annals of American history.”

The Texas Chain Saw Massacre (1974) (X)

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